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DTF Hot Melt Powder
Special for DTF Printing


Soft DTF Powder, Rough DTF Powder, Anti-stretch DTF Powder, Anti-sublimation DTF powder, Breathable DTF powder


DTF powders are specially designed for use with DTF printing. The powder comes in 1 kg, 5 kg, 20 kg, and 25 kg. Packaging is divided into bags and barrels.

The feel of clothes depends on the type of powder you are using and the thickness of your ink layer. Our soft and stretchy DTF powder has a better hand than traditional vinyl or other types of heat transfer. It’s elastic and soft to the touch.

Our DTF powders are slow-drying and easy to cold-tear. This revolutionary technology will help you get excellent transfer printing results.
  • Technical Specifications

Size: 30cm/60cm/120cm*100m, A3, A4
Both sides mattee coating
Smooth and clean surface
90μm thickness
Applicable ink: pigment ink
Scratch resistant, non-fading, washable
Non-slip, no oil, no sticking, no static, uniform coating, easy to peel

Digital heat transfer film is divided into :
 single side
 double sides,
 performance as hot film,
 performance aswarm film
 performance ascold film.

For hot film, the appearance of the pattern and the cloth pattern are more natural when tear film off immediately after printed.
For cold film, the appearance of the pattern is relatively smooth, but the sense of paint and leather is aggravated when tear film off after temperature down.
  • Powder Classification:

There are coarse 80 mesh, middle 120 mesh, fine 200 mesh, we can match the specific application according to customer requirements

 Washing marks with small words can match fine powder and hot film.

 Large area pattern can choose warm and cold film and coarse powder.

 For the general pattern, hot melt glue powder recommended to 
   choose medium - fine powder.

 Normally, hot melt powder should be sealed, in order to avoid affecting 
    the use effect of shaking powder.

 Due to the difference of printer, ink, ICC curve of board and substrate fabric of each user,        we can develop a perfect heat transfer film plans according to our own condition.

 If the film surface absorbs moisture or dust caused by long-term exposure, the exposed           section should be cut off and then printed again, in order to avoid affecting our judgment.
     Handle the film gently, avoid compression and contusion, pay attention to the strength 
     and Angle when cutting the film, in order to avoid making deep scratches.