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K6-2516 Industrial Digital Cutter Machine

Cutting Size: Max material width 1600mm, limitless cutting length, continuously rolling cutting.
Material Thickness: ≤20mm
Head Type: Modular head system, easy to change and maintenance.
Tools: Kinds of cutting knifes including oscillating knife, through-cutting knife, kiss-cutting
knife, v knife and routing knife.

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K6-2516 Industrial Digital Cutter Machine
Industrial Intelligent Cutter       Flatbed Digital Cutter 



K6 Industrial Intelligent Flatbed Digital Cutter is high efficiency processing machine 

Based on multi-axis motion system with self-developed controlling system, CCD camera of industrial level enables intelligent cutting function with auto position correction & cutting. K6 works with kinds of rigid and roll materials, such as Acrylic, PVC expansion sheet, KT board, corrugated paper, grey cardboard, honey comb plate, light slide, PP gum, vinyl, photo paper and etc. 

As a high quality cutting machine, K6 helps a lot of signage companies to improve cutting product quality and working efficiency.




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