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  • Ink flow


    1、It becomes easy to flow ink where has powder impurities or crush wounds    2、The heating board is not open after printing 


    If the ink flow is due to the poor absorption, we can try 1, reduce the proportion of white ink setting, appropriate to reduce the amount of white ink 2, increase the temperature of the printer heating board can also improve the pass rate 3, board heating can help ink activation and then reduce ink flow phenomenon

  • Powder shaken unclear


    Wet weather, humidity, strong static electricity, it needs to check when the edge of the pattern is unclean.
    1、 Whether high humidity or low temperature                
    2、Whether the strength of powder shaking machine is insufficient              
    3、Whether the printing interval is too long without powder caused by drying glycerin diffusion                             
    4、 Whether ink misting on heads


    If it is found that the pressure wheel position or large blank area shaking is not clean, it should be electrostatic influence or powder damp or too fine, you can take measures as appropriate.                
    Generally, increasing the temperature of the heating board after printing and shake powder machine connected board can reduce the edge powder shaken unclear.

  • Powder holes


    Ink water and glycerin boiling evaporation with high temperature and short time baking dried, which pulls holes out of the coating and film


    It' better to give priority to medium and fine powder, a little coarse powder or even no coarse powder, it works best when baking dried in the low and high temperature section for a long time, it works best when baking dried in the low and high temperature section for a long time, it can be gradual to dry oil and water and melt glue thoroughly, but no violent reaction. The resulting film is flexible, elastic, smooth and dry. If the powder machine begins with a slightly poor conditions, it's necessary to make use of the function of preheating chopping board to heat and steam away some water in advance to reduce the burden, dry them then shake powder.

  • Oily or damp


    Baking dried patterns or pasted and transferred patterns become oily and damp


    It belongs to the phenomenon that the glue is not baked thoroughly, the water and glycerin in the ink cannot be thoroughly baked and then reversed. Generally speaking, single sheet operating version with 120 degrees low temperature for a long time through it best. As powder is limited by the length of the powder machine, so we can try to raise the connected board appropriate high temperature to make the water and glycerin evaporation in advance might also help
  • Flaking powder


    The blank place powder around the pattern sticks the coating after heat transfer printing


    May due to the heat transfer printing pressure is too high, which makes the film ink absorbing layer damage peeling or fabric surface size easy to stick the coating. Generally, as long as the temperature and pressing time can meet the requirements of sticking firmly, it can be easily solved when adjust the pressure as small as possible down

  • Pattern ghosting and dislocation or paper skip


    May because of the under-designed stepping equipment can’t be fully satisfied for the single-sided film using


    The smoothness of the back of single film may interfere with the working state of the equipment. If so, we can choose double-sided film, once there is a matte friction on the back, it will return to normal quickly.

  • Edge warp


    High temperature or long heat printing time


    Lower temperature or short heat printing time appropriately

  • ORIC has a very complete product line


    A. Advertising<o:p>

    Eco solvent ( 1.6m/1.8m/3.2m with EPSON DX5, EPSON I3200-E1 )-  2 *3 * 4*8 pcs<o:p>

    Solvent ( 3.2m with Konica512i-30pl )<o:p>


    B.LED UV<o:p>

    R2R   <o:p>

    1> OR-1602E/1603E 1.6m with 2/3pcs Epson I3200-U1 heads<o:p>

    2> OR-5800/6800 1.8m with 2-6pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 heads<o:p>

    3> OR-8800 2.0m with max 9pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 heads<o:p>

    4> OR-3200 3.2m with max 8pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 heads<o:p>

    R2R belt system<o:p>

    1>OR-5806H with max 6pcs Epson I3200-U1 heads<o:p>


    1> OR-3000H with max 4pcs Ricoh Gen5 heads<o:p>

    2> OR-5000H with max 6pcs Ricoh Gen5 heads<o:p>

    3> OR-1800H/2500H/3200H  with max 12pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6  heads<o:p>


    1> M2513/M2030 with max 12pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 heads<o:p>

    2> M3216/M3220 with max 12pcs Ricoh Gen5/Gen6 heads<o:p>

    3> OR-6042UV Multifunctional UV flated printer (UV DTF)<o:p>



    1> 1.6m with 1/2pcs Epson I3200-A1 (standard model )<o:p>

    2> 1.8m/3.2m with 2pcs/ 3pcs /4 pcs Epson I3200-A1 (standard model )<o:p>

    3> 1.8m with 4pcs/6pcs Epson I3200-A1 ( air-shaft system )<o:p>

    4> 1.8m /2.2m/2.6m/3.2m with 8pcs Epson I3200-A1 ( fast speed& high end )<o:p>

    5> 2.2m with 15pcs Epson I3200-A1 ( fast speed& high end)<o:p>



    1.8m Roll-Roll & Belt system with EPSON I3200-A1 - 2* 3pcs<o:p>


    E. Personalized Customization Machine<o:p>

    1> DTF power shaker machine<o:p>

    2> Special printer for texture painting<o:p>

    3> Leather special printer<o:p>

    4> Eco-friendly floor mat special printer<o:p><

  • ORIC International trade technical team

    ORIC International trade technical team :<o:p>

    Technical Team: 6 members speak English<o:p>

    1.Travel : Travel to customer side, install and train the machines<o:p>

    2.Online : during 2020-2022, they will be online to support (photo, video, teamview etc )<o:p>


    ORIC Printer Warranty :<o:p>

    one year for printer<o:p>

    Warranty parts : motors, sensors, boards<o:p>

    Warranty policy :<o:p>

    warranty parts will send by DHL(TNT.FEDEX etc ) from ORIC immediately when engineer confirm the problem , under ORIC charge<o:p>

    Broken parts will send from distributor side within 2 weeks when problem fixed, under distributor charge.<o:p>

ORIC factory is a digital inkjet printing equipment manufacturer and solution provider For UV(Roll-roll/Hybird/Flatbed)/ Sublimatoin / ECO Solvent / Solvent / DTF / UV DTF / Texture Painting
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