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UV DTF PRINTER With the rapid development of science and technology, people have shown unprecedented progress in the processing and presentation of image patterns. In order to meet the personalized demands of users and meet the needs of designers, UV flatbed printer has emerged as the times require, and its patterns are realistic and layered. The advantages of richness, high artistry, and strong stereoscopic effect make UV flatbed printer the first choice for hot image output.
AINKJET-6042A UV Flatbed
The charming OR-6042AUV multi-functional uv flatbed printer can be used for not only sheet fed but also objects with non-flat surfaces​​​​​​​
UV DTF Printing - The biggest advantage of this new technology is that after printing, it can be directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing​​​​​​​
AINKJET-6090 UV Flatbed
Multifunction UV Flatbed - Printing size : 600mm(X) x 900mm(Y); - Media thickness 1mm-180mm; - Maximum curving height : 15mm; - Printable non-flat material


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UV DTF printing is especially suitable for transferring UV ink to special shapes and materials that are not suitable for direct printing by UV ink.UV DTF Make you more easy to entry label market
Hot Melt Film
Direct to film comprehensive solution is a new technology of the digital revolution, The biggest advantage of this new technology is that after printing, it can be directly attached to the substrate to be transferred without other processing.
Textile DTF
Equipment composition : 
Printing Machine + Power Shaker Machine + 
Heat Press Machine

 Ink Type :DTK Ink
 Ink Color : CMYK / White / Fluorescent Color
 Printing Media : Transfer of soft materials
    Leather, linen, polyester, cotton and 
    some other textile materials
Related Consumables : 
    DTF Ink / PET Film / Hot Melt Adhesive Power
Printing Steps :
1.Software processes design. 
2.Printed the design.
3.Powder shaker. 
4.Oven drying. 
5.Hot Transfer Press. 
6.Tear off the PET film. 
Equipment Composition : 
UV Flatbed Printer + 
Laminating machine
 Ink Type :UV Ink
 Ink Color : CMYK / White / Varnish
 Printing Media : Transfer of hard materials flat or            cylindrical objects such as CD,card,Udisk,mobile           phone case, metal, acrylic, plastic, PVC,  glass,                 ceramics, wood, leather, etc
 Related Consumables : 
UV ink / AB Film / Glue
Printing Steps :
1. Software processes design. 
2. Install A film. 
3. Press print button. 
4. Laminating tranfer film. 
5. Transferring. 
6. Tear off the tranfer film. 
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