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M2513 UV Flatbed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads

HEAD : Ricoh GEN5/GEN6 Print Heads 
PRINTING SIZE : 2500mm*1300mm 
COLOR : CMYK/Lc/Lm/W/Varnish 
RESOLUTION : V720*600dpi,V720*900dpi,V720*1200dpi etc
  • M2513 UV

  • ORIC


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Product Description



Technical Specifications
ModelM2513 UVM2513T UV
PRINTHEAD TYPERicoh Gen5/Gen6T3200
HEAD NUMBER3-12 pcs optional2/4 psc optional
PRINTING SIZE(W*D)2500*1300mm
PRINTING TECHNOLOGYGray scale piezoelectric inkjet technology
PRINTING RESOLUTIONV720*600dpi,V720*900dpi,V720*1200dpi etc720*900dpi,720*1200dpi
COLOR CONTROLICC standard,ajudtment of ICC and density
ENVIRONMENTTemperature: 18℃-26℃,Humidity: 30%-75%(RH)Temperature: 20℃-35℃,Humidity: 45%-80%(RH)
POWER CONSUMPTIONPrinting mode:5000W Sleep mode:600W
PRINTER DIMENSION4,356(L)x2605(W)x 1,360(H)(Unit:mm)
PACKING DIMENSION4,650(L)x2240(W)x 1,650(H)(Unit:mm)


资源 14x

The new model has six suction zones for a wider selection of zones

资源 24x

New steel beam structure, new belt,less transmission sound

资源 34x

The new dowel pin is extended to prevent large plates from mistracking

资源 44x

The new model adopts color separation and pressed ink, and the old model is integrated ink. The new model is more convenient and saves ink

资源 54x

Ink level display + alarm system, humanized design, monitor ink usage at any time

资源 64x

The new anti-collision 360 degrees can be triggered, any angle can be sensed, the old block type, scrape the material directly sheet metal deformation

资源 74x

The new two high-power 1.5kw suction motors, with six suction areas, increase the suction power, and the old one 1.5kw motor is not easy to suck

资源 84x

The new Y-direction adopts Panasonic dual servo motor, and the old single motor with double belt structure, comparison: the new transmission is more accurate

资源 94x

The new mechanical altimetry sensor has a more accurate sensing value and is not easy to change, while the old photoelectric sensor measures the height at the sameposition, and the parameters are easy to change


Advanced servo motor system adapts Panasonic servo motor, brings high precision and speed. Top RIP software enables true color in output. For the printing platform has 4 divided vacuum areas, each vacuum area has independent switch control, so the customer can open or close different vacuum areas to meet different size medias, it will ensure stable vacuum suction for the media.

Rigid: Glass, metal, ceramic tile, acrylic, Plexiglas, wood, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, foam board, composited panel, plywood, PVC,MDF, WPC, ABS, PP sheet and etc.

Flexible: Fabric, canvas, leather, vinyl, paper and etc.


Factory Show


Additional Value
Year Warranty
Within 1 year from the date of purchase, if the machine has non-man-made damage, you can enjoy free warranty service.

Online Technical Support
The expert team will serve you online and solve any problems you encounter for free.
Inkjet Printer Starter Kit
Starter kit pack including complete set of test inks, commonly used replacement parts,and the user's guide, installation Video Instructions.
Dealer’s Team Training
Regularly provide our dealers , technical training of new models, application solutions training, sales guidance training.

DTF Accessories
DTF Accessories inculding DTF textile inks, DTF shaking powder and PET Film with high quality accessories for DTF printing with affortable price.
DTF film can be transferred on a wide range of fabrics. Capable of printing to shirts, sweaters, hoodies, pullovers, canvas, denim, and more! Our DTF films have excellent ink absorption for high-precision printing. Use our film you will achieve high-quality, breathable, and smooth prints.
DTF Textile Prinitng Ink
DTF textile printing ink is highly compatible with print Epson heads. You can directly print your designs on different textiles and fabrics using Direct to Film Ink technology.ORIC offers different colors of DTF inks such as W, Y, K, M, C, Or, Gr, and also fluorescence pink & fluorescence yellow.
DTF Hot Melt Powder
Unlike DTG technology, DTF requires no pre-treatment.The most important factor is DTF Powder. DTF powders are specially designed to use with DTF printing process. Our DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. Which will help you get excellent transfer printing results.

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