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OR-2215E Industrial Rubber Roll Dye Sublimation Printer With 15 I3200 Heads

HEAD : I3200 X 8/15 Industrial Rubber Roll Dye Sublimation Printer with I3200 heads PRINTING WIDTH : 2000mm INK : Dye sublimation Ink COLOR : 4 colors (C/M/Y/K) RESOLUTION : 3600dpi
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OR-2815E Industrial Rubber Roll Dye Sublimation Printer With 15 I3200 Heads


ORIC RUBBER -Sublimation Series-01


ORIC RUBBER -Sublimation Series-02

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Year Warranty
Within 1 year from the date of purchase, if the machine has non-man-made damage, you can enjoy free warranty service.

Online Technical Support
The expert team will serve you online and solve any problems you encounter for free.
Inkjet Printer Starter Kit
Starter kit pack including complete set of test inks, commonly used replacement parts,and the user's guide, installation Video Instructions.
Dealer’s Team Training
Regularly provide our dealers , technical training of new models, application solutions training, sales guidance training.

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DTF Textile Prinitng Ink
DTF textile printing ink is highly compatible with print Epson heads. You can directly print your designs on different textiles and fabrics using Direct to Film Ink technology.ORIC offers different colors of DTF inks such as W, Y, K, M, C, Or, Gr, and also fluorescence pink & fluorescence yellow.
DTF Hot Melt Powder
Unlike DTG technology, DTF requires no pre-treatment.The most important factor is DTF Powder. DTF powders are specially designed to use with DTF printing process. Our DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. Which will help you get excellent transfer printing results.
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